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Main Builds » 600D / Rebel T3i 1.0.2

Latest Build (2017-02-12 16:44)

eb960b6: mlv_lite: also renamed in Makefile.modules.default

7a9d6b9: Merged in new_raw_format (mlv_lite) (pull request #685)
Completely replace the old raw format with a lite implementation of MLV.
Recording performance should be identical to the old raw_rec v1.0; however, the additional features from mlv_rec are not present.
Note: was renamed to

e3ea6c2: Close branch new_raw_format

bd9565c: mlv_lite: updated README

432d8f2: Renamed raw_rec to mlv_lite

4921a15: Merged unified into new_raw_format

aac872e: raw_rec: use async EDMAC transfers, similar to mlv_rec (to be tested)

2dc3265: raw_rec: fix recording speed not measured with lvinfo indicator

9d10a7d: raw_rec: refactor with wait_lv_frames

451d70a: raw_rec: minor resolution control refactor

679e051: raw_rec: minor resolution control improvements
- prevent resolution_index_x overflow
- help regarding fine-tuning
- refactors

befa651: Merged in daniel_fort/magic-lantern/raw_rec_x_res_fix (pull request #772)
Fix for pull request #768 - x-resolution control for MLV Lite

8d70541: Fix for pull request #768 - x-resolution control for MLV Lite

bccda07: Merged in daniel_fort/magic-lantern/raw_rec_x_resolution (pull request #768)
x-resolution control for MLV Lite

1e1bb54: raw_rec MLV Lite added fine control on top of x-resolution presets and display of effective crop factor

2cb9b55: Merge

47e2c4e: MLV Lite: update videoFrameCount when recording is finished

2ab79de: MLV Lite: fix a check regarding the 4GB limit

56e7534: MLV Lite: verbose messages when reaching the 4GB limit

4be57c1: MLV Lite: backup file no longer needed (no footer)

40bdd39: MLV Lite: fine-tuned error messages

15af46a: MLV Lite: refactored file writing, attempting to fix some edge cases when reaching the 4GB limit

9f19bf2: MLV Lite: use 64 bits for total bytes written

e32e7cd: MLV Lite: attempt to fix file spanning (not tested)

b902cbe: raw_rec: removed unused writing_task_busy

b658401: MLV Lite: make sure MLV header size is multiple of 512 bytes (seems to fix speed regression)

30bb06a: Merged raw_fixes into mlv_lite

c11891c: mlv_lite: experiment - EDMAC alignment at 64 bytes

fa351d4: raw_rec/mlv_rec: changed names in README from "Raw recording" to "Raw video" (to fit nicely in the module menu)

7d62e1d: Modules: allow a little extra spacing for module names

0860e07: mlv_lite: updated README and main menu entry

a3a3319: Merged raw_fixes into new_raw_format (aka mlv_lite)

ea3eed8: mlv_lite: fix handling of 4GB limit and card full

86c8d1b: mlv_lite: also update the skip offsets every frame

e78ef72: mlv_lite: fix 4GB limit chunk handling

3d2fbe2: mlv_lite: vidf timestamps

70d3861: mlv_lite: update to output valid mlv files without extra overhead of all the mlv_rec features

1c9938c: new raw format: fix wrong file handle for new chunk

c7321d4: new file format for raw_rec based on a simplified version of mlv

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  1. Format the card from the camera.
  2. Make sure you are running Canon firmware 1.0.2 (downgrade if needed).
  3. Copy ML files on the card and run Firmware Update.


  1. Run Firmware Update from your ML card.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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