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The following builds are works in progress, known to have rough edges.
Please test thoroughly before considering them for serious work.
The functionality from this page will be integrated in the main builds as soon as all major issues will be ironed out.
However, we need your help. If you use any of these builds, please report your experience.
Still confused? Each experimental build has a link to the relevant forum thread, where you can discuss the new features.
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Pre-recording feature (details).

Should work on top of latest nightly build.

Forum discussion

Branch: pre-record

Latest Build (2017-02-21 00:35)

Build Log

10/12-bit RAW video

Experimental raw video recording at lower bit depths. Only models with CONFIG_EDMAC_RAW_SLURP are compiled.

Forum discussion

Branch: raw_video_10bit_12bit

Latest Build (2017-02-11 16:28)

88b2139: Merged raw-h264-proxy into raw_video_10bit_12bit

af30150: Merged unified into raw_video_10bit_12bit

9e5f07b: Merged raw_fixes into raw_video_10bit_12bit

9d7eea4: srm_malloc_suite: extra wait after locking the GUI
(to be checked on cameras that don't pass the SRM memory test from

54c60ed: srm_malloc_suite: minor fix
(no effects with current usage)

23d1f0e: Raw backend: fix black borders on raw previews

61f0c31: mlv_lite: getting DCIM dir suffix from property doesn't seem to work (limitation of module properties);
get it from ML core instead

9d3eda5: fio-ml: added get_dcim_dir_suffix(); moved get_dcim_dir() from dryos.h

dc09ce5: Merged unified (mlv-lite) into raw-h264-proxy

eb960b6: mlv_lite: also renamed in Makefile.modules.default

7a9d6b9: Merged in new_raw_format (mlv_lite) (pull request #685)
Completely replace the old raw format with a lite implementation of MLV.
Recording performance should be identical to the old raw_rec v1.0; however, the additional features from mlv_rec are not present.
Note: was renamed to

e3ea6c2: Close branch new_raw_format

bd9565c: mlv_lite: updated README

432d8f2: Renamed raw_rec to mlv_lite

4921a15: Merged unified into new_raw_format

636a605: raw_rec: allow audio recording via H.264 proxy

ad2518d: raw_rec: prefer recording to CF whenever possible
(when using H.264 proxy, select SD in Canon menu for best performance)

644f366: raw_rec: experimental H.264 proxy recording
earlier attempts:

820f547: Always disable overlays in x10 zoom, see pull request 806
and also in the special x1 zoom from some recent models

ff51c7a: Merged in daniel_fort/magic-lantern/700D_isr_stubs (pull request #797)
700D pre_isr_hook/post_isr_hook stubs for LOG_INTERRUPTS
Approved-by: Alex

67af227: 700D: fix pre/post_isr_hook stubs

79b3619: 700D pre_isr_hook/post_isr_hook stubs for LOG_INTERRUPTS

Build Log

Dynamic My Menu

My Menu and Junkie menu auto-generated from usage counters.

These menus should contain most recently / most frequently used items.

Forum discussion

Branch: dynamic-my-menu

Latest Build (2017-02-10 00:56)

c90f908: Menu: fix duplicate warning in the Help tab on some models

39d3fc8: Menu: updated navigation help

6365706: file_man: refactored action types with enum and case switch
(compiler now checks whether all action types are covered)

6390eba: file_man: use unnamed menu entries for speed
(named entries are now checked for duplicates => slow in folders with many files)

91872a8: Menu: some extra sanity checks during customization

Build Log

Latest Lua updates

Forum discussion

Branch: lua_fix

Latest Build (2017-02-06 00:27)

d13be56: Menu: fix selection in Modified menu (broken in 0b6fcbc)

6acce6d: lua_lens: minor doc update (return value for lens_focus)

Build Log

Lua focus experiments (lens.focus_pos)

Forum discussion

Branch: focus

Latest Build (2017-01-25 23:34)

43c863b: lens_focus: fix very slow follow focus on 5D2 with 24/2.8 STM (todo: 50D, 500D, others?)
To reproduce: Step Wait ON, Step Delay <= 20, then use follow focus.
Just changing prop_request_change_wait into prop_request_change would give fast movements, but crashes very quickly.
Waiting for the pfAfComplete interrupt before next focus command appears to fix the crashes.

Build Log

Crop mode recording (crop_rec)

5D3 and EOSM build with crop_rec module. Includes 10/12-bit raw recording.

Forum discussion

Branch: crop_rec

Latest Build (2017-01-12 23:35)

a1c01bb: Raw backend: fix black borders on raw previews

4081e14: Merged raw_video_10bit_12bit into crop_rec

f849355: mlv_rec: fix bad merge (to be tested)

12f156f: Moved bit depth setup from raw_rec/mlv_rec to raw backend; raw overlays should now refuse to run at bit depths other than 14

a31228c: raw_rec, mlv_rec: minimize roundoff error when scaling black and white levels
(using --black-fix in mlv_dump should be no longer needed)

Build Log

Non-CPU lens info

Set lens name, focal length and aperture for manual lenses. Lua script.

Forum discussion

Branch: manual_lens_info

Latest Build (2017-01-25 23:27)

Build Log

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