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  1. lvalue operands should definitely not be casted... (detail / bitbucket)
  2. proper int32_t casting (detail / bitbucket)
  3. dual_iso: fix compiler errors due to type changes in raw.h (detail / bitbucket)
  4. mlv_rec: enable buffer status log, will be unused most of the time anyway (detail / bitbucket)
  5. MEM(addr) macro is unsigned now - cast properly if you need evil (signed) numbers (detail / bitbucket)
  6. changed raw structure to be defined by stdint types to solve cross-platform trouble (detail / bitbucket)
  7. audio meters working again (detail / bitbucket)
  8. 60D: added msg_queue_count (detail / bitbucket)

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Revision: 2b092f9d9839a799c2e3021eeb5e5a658ed6081f