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  1. Stubs reformat (detail / bitbucket)
  2. Merged in ayshih/magic-lantern-50d/mlv_play (pull request #551)

    mlv_play: fixed printing of month in timestamp (detail / bitbucket)
  3. mlv_play: fixed printing of month in timestamp (detail / bitbucket)
  4. Merged in escho/escho-magiclantern/600D_stubs (pull request #541)

    600D: memory suite stubs (detail / bitbucket)
  5. 600D memory suite stubs (detail / bitbucket)
  6. Created new branch 600D_stubs (detail / bitbucket)
  7. Merged in srm-memory (pull request #529)

    SRM memory allocation (very large buffers) (detail / bitbucket)
  8. 550D: SRM stubs (detail / bitbucket)
  9. 5D2: SRM stubs (detail / bitbucket)
  10. SRM memory: allow autofocus while allocated, but keep full shutter locked. Test on "don't click me". (detail / bitbucket)
  11. Re-applied 964f3df (please test on 50D) (detail / bitbucket)
  12. prop_request_change_wait: never wait when called from a property handler (detail / bitbucket)
  13. mlv_play: renamed a variable for consistency (detail / bitbucket)
  14. mlv_play: fix minor OSD quirk, issue #2000 (detail / bitbucket)
  15. mlv_play: start from the last file from the playlist, for consistency with Canon's playback (detail / bitbucket)
  16. mlv_play: if the requested filename does not exist, play the first file from the playlist (detail / bitbucket)
  17. mlv_play: show correct error message when called with a specific filename that does not exist (detail / bitbucket)
  18. mlv_play: fix deletion of RAW files; better error checking (detail / bitbucket)
  19. mlv_play: fix deletion of stopped files (detail / bitbucket)
  20. mlv_play: prevent failed delete requests from propagating to next session (detail / bitbucket)
  21. mlv_play: nicer error message when delete fails (detail / bitbucket)
  22. mlv_play: fix issue #2044 (detail / bitbucket)
  23. gui-common: added getter for GUI mode (detail / bitbucket)
  24. Merged in ayshih/magic-lantern-50d/mlv_play (pull request #550)

    "Exact" playback in `mlv_play` at any FPS (detail / bitbucket)
  25. mlv_play: removed FPS matching for exact playback (detail / bitbucket)
  26. mlv_rec: removed MENU rec key hack (was needed on EOS-M) (detail / bitbucket)
  27. Removed custom movie mode hack (was needed EOS-M) (detail / bitbucket)
  28. Merged in jpaana/ml/srm-stubs-eosm (pull request #548)

    SRM stubs for EOSM.202 (detail / bitbucket)
  29. SRM stubs for EOSM.202 (detail / bitbucket)
  30. Fix merge conflict (detail / bitbucket)
  31. mlv_rec: remove cruft (detail / bitbucket)
  32. Merged unified into srm-memory (detail / bitbucket)
  33. mlv_rec: dropped memory hack (detail / bitbucket)
  34. raw_rec: dropped memory hack (no longer needed on 5D3, it gives less total memory) (detail / bitbucket)
  35. raw_rec: renamed "Debug info" to "Show buffer graph" to match mlv_rec (detail / bitbucket)
  36. mlv_rec: dropped the waste hack to simplify memory management (detail / bitbucket)
  37. raw_rec: dropped the waste hack to simplify memory management (detail / bitbucket)
  38. Merged in dmilligan/magic-lantern/srm-raw-video (pull request #540)

    Update raw_rec and mlv_rec to use new SRM job memory (detail / bitbucket)
  39. raw_rec: use new memory from SRM job buffers (detail / bitbucket)
  40. mlv_rec: use new memory from SRM job buffers (detail / bitbucket)
  41. Merged in Audionut/user-builds/6D-SRM (pull request #537)

    6D: missing stubs from nikfreak, (detail / bitbucket)
  42. 6D: missing stubs from nikfreak, (detail / bitbucket)
  43. Merged in dmilligan/magic-lantern/srm-1100D (pull request #534)

    1100D stubs for SRM (detail / bitbucket)
  44. stubs for 1100D srm maybe? (detail / bitbucket)
  45. Merged in dmilligan/magic-lantern/srm-60D (pull request #533)

    60D stubs for SRM (detail / bitbucket)
  46. 60D stubs for SRM (detail / bitbucket)
  47. Merged in mk11174/magic-lantern-srm/srm-memory (pull request #544)

    700d srm_memory stubs (detail / bitbucket)
  48. 700d srm_memory stubs (detail / bitbucket)
  49. Merged in ayshih/magic-lantern-50d/srm-memory-50d (pull request #543)

    SRM stubs for 50D (detail / bitbucket)
  50. 50D: SRM stubs (detail / bitbucket)
  51. Undo 964f3df (breaks 50D, because gui_uilock is called from a prop handler) (detail / bitbucket)
  52. fixed chunk and suite structures, added comments (detail / bitbucket)
  53. exmem: modified the SRM memory test from "don't click me" to allow taking pictures during the test (detail / bitbucket)
  54. exmem: prefer not to use SRM malloc (shoot_malloc is much better for regular use) and added srm_malloc for those cases when you actually want this buffer (detail / bitbucket)
  55. exmem: more defensive shutter lock (now you can take pictures while running the test from "don't click me", if you comment out the shoot_malloc_suite call first) (detail / bitbucket)
  56. gui_uilock: wait until the request is complete, and timeout after 2 seconds (detail / bitbucket)
  57. exmem: a quick test for the malloc wrappers (don't click me) (detail / bitbucket)
  58. exmem: attempt to allow malloc wrappers to work with more than one block (detail / bitbucket)
  59. exmem: experimental malloc wrappers, limited to one large block for now (detail / bitbucket)
  60. exmem: allow a single SRM malloc call at a time, and block shutter, to prevent ERR70 (detail / bitbucket)
  61. exmem: testing routines for the SRM allocator in the Free Memory dialog (detail / bitbucket)
  62. exmem: experimental interface for SRM job memory (detail / bitbucket)
  63. 5D3.113: stubs for CreateMemoryChunk/AddMemoryChunk (will be required for the SRM malloc wrappers, please find them for the other cameras) (detail / bitbucket)

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