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  1. Ghost image: further cleanups and fixes (detail / hgweb)
  2. Ghost image: fix crash (issues #2796, #2783, #2878, #2885) (detail / hgweb)
  3. features.tmpl edited online with Bitbucket: use id in th section heading to allow for direct linking via anchor (detail / hgweb)
  4. Merged in edmac (pull request #886)

    EDMAC module: fixes for DIGIC 4, connection map (detail / hgweb)
  5. Merged in adv_int (pull request #907)

    Advanced intervalometer updates (detail / hgweb)
  6. Merged in memory-backend (pull request #906)

    Memory backend improvements (detail / hgweb)
  7. Makefile: fix "make install_qemu CONFIG_QEMU=y" for minimal targets (detail / hgweb)
  8. memset64/memcpy64: use versions from b831cb1; fix calls from Magic Zoom to ensure proper alignment (detail / hgweb)
  9. Backout b831cb1 (breaks Magic Zoom and CONFIG_MARK_UNUSED_MEMORY_AT_STARTUP, as memset64 is not the same as memset) (detail / hgweb)
  10. adv_int: ignore empty lines when loading keyframes (detail / hgweb)
  11. adv_int: use strstr instead of my_strstr (fixes slow load) (detail / hgweb)
  12. Include strstr in ML core (detail / hgweb)
  13. adv_int: refactor keyframe time formatting (detail / hgweb)
  14. adv_int: auto-load the saved sequence at startup (detail / hgweb)
  15. adv_int: renamed menu entry to "Ramping options" (detail / hgweb)
  16. Memory backend: drop timestamps from history; show last 1024 events (detail / hgweb)
  17. Memory backend: show total allocations (number and amount), including untracked ones (detail / hgweb)
  18. Memory backend: allow using shoot_malloc as a last resort, even for small blocks;
    allow small blocks (smaller than minimum_free_space / 64) to break the minimum_free_space limit (until minimum_free_space / 4)
    fine-tuned until the old set of Lua scripts were able to run on 1100D without umm_malloc (detail / hgweb)
  19. Memory backend: a pointer to task names (rather than copying the full string) should be enough (detail / hgweb)
  20. Memory backend: renamed memcheck_mallocbuf to memcheck_entries (detail / hgweb)
  21. Moved memset64 and memcpy64 to
    - simplified to accept only 32-bit aligned pointers
    - using regular memset for Magic Zoom
    - closing issue #1995 (detail / hgweb)
  22. Memory backend: if shoot_malloc fails, try SRM next
    (poor man's autodetection, since we don't know how to query the available size in advance) (detail / hgweb)
  23. exmem: reworked shoot_malloc to handle large requests better
    - moved autodetection to dedicated functions (for both fragmented and continuous allocations)
    - autodetect the max available size for large requests (slower, but when it fails, it fails gracefully) (detail / hgweb)
  24. exmem: removed the "relaxed" checks introduced in 04f02a4
    (not sure why they were needed; we'll find out if it fails) (detail / hgweb)
  25. exmem: speed-up shoot_malloc
    (1s timeout probably not needed) (detail / hgweb)
  26. exmem: do not keep track of full shoot memory allocations
    (allows reserving some memory in advance and allocating all the remaining RAM afterwards) (detail / hgweb)
  27. Memory backend: fix handling of untracked blocks
    (possible buffer overflow before this fix) (detail / hgweb)
  28. Memory backend: figured out why AllocateContinuousMemoryResource may crash with many small blocks

    (todo: figure out where to keep 89e3b12 or not; adapt tests if not) (detail / hgweb)
  29. Memory backend: when checking available memory, allocate both Shoot ans SRM at the same time
    (they may overlap) (detail / hgweb)
  30. Memory backend: fix initialization (detail / hgweb)
  31. mem.c: option to disable heap poisoning
    (useful when running in QEMU with -d memcheck - with this, overflowing reads will be caught as well) (detail / hgweb)
  32. Memory backend: allow breaking minimum_free_space for small blocks
    (it was possible to fail the allocation for very small blocks that could not be covered by shoot_malloc) (detail / hgweb)
  33. Memory backend: allow AllocateMemory as a last resort, even if free space is below limit
    (it was possible to fail the allocation for very small blocks that could not be covered by shoot_malloc) (detail / hgweb)
  34. memory backend: reduce memcheck area (should reduce overhead a bit) (detail / hgweb)
  35. memory backend: ignore null pointers passed to free (Lua does that) (detail / hgweb)
  36. exmem: when autodetecting available memory, print all srm/shoot memory blocks to console (detail / hgweb)
  37. edmac: make sure the log files don't have unnecessary newlines
    (channels with complex size configuration may get printed on multiple lines; that makes the log file harder to parse) (detail / hgweb)
  38. edmac: LOG_INTERVAL can now be changed from menu (persistent setting) (detail / hgweb)
  39. edmac: use numbered log file names (detail / hgweb)
  40. edmac: fix behavior when the extra info buffer gets full (detail / hgweb)
  41. edmac: use half-shutter as trigger for logging EDMAC channels;
    fine-tuned messages (detail / hgweb)
  42. edmac: fix crash on models other than 5D3
    (there was a hardcoded stub) (detail / hgweb)
  43. edmac: fix crash when using "Log EDMAC usage" on D4 models (detail / hgweb)
  44. Merged unified into edmac (detail / hgweb)
  45. Added to nightly builds (detail / hgweb)
  46. edmac-memcpy: check to make sure all models have AbortEDmac
    (to make sure it's correct: -> Stubs API test) (detail / hgweb)
  47. display connection map (experiment) (detail / hgweb)

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