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  1. QEMU test suite: always wait after terminating qemu-system-arm
    (might fix some intermittent VNC issues) (detail / hgweb)
  2. QEMU: skip a few tests on 1100D and 1200D, that are very sensitive to timing (processing speed) (detail / hgweb)
  3. QEMU: updated help in install script (detail / hgweb)
  4. QEMU: updated 60D tests (detail / hgweb)
  5. GDB scripts: 700D patches (required for GUI emulation) (detail / hgweb)
  6. QEMU: fix commit b36254 (missing files) (detail / hgweb)
  7. QEMU: menu navigation and card format tests for 60D, 550D, 600D, 700D, 100D, 1100D, 1200D (detail / hgweb)
  8. QEMU: updated GUI test result for 60D, 100D, 1100D, 1200D
    (after GUI emulation, they boot to date/time menu rather than info screen, but you may now click OK to bypass it) (detail / hgweb)
  9. QEMU: ported 500D GUIMode/UILock/format spells on 550D, 60D/1200D/1100D, 600D, 700D, 100D.
    Canon menu navigation and card formatting works on all these models! (detail / hgweb)
  10. MPU spells: comment out button events (detail / hgweb)
  11. QEMU: updated formatting of MPU spells to make them self-contained
    (easier to copy/paste around) (detail / hgweb)
  12. QEMU: fix 100D lockup (detail / hgweb)
  13. QEMU: fix display waiting routine (EnableBitmapVBufferForPlayBackAndWait)
    This unlocks menu navigation on many models! (detail / hgweb)

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