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  1. dm-spy-extra: disabled some old entries for 5D3 1.2.3 (detail / bitbucket)
  2. dm-spy-extra: simple logger for RAM data structures
    (autodetected from pointer address) (detail / bitbucket)
  3. dm-spy-extra: option to log memory allocation calls (detail / bitbucket)
  4. dm-spy-extra: allow logging return values of a function and also arbitrary register values
    (mmio_log no longer needed) (detail / bitbucket)
  5. Merged patchmgr into dm-spy-experiments (detail / bitbucket)
  6. Merged unified into dm-spy-experiments (detail / bitbucket)
  7. Patch manager: with CONFIG_QEMU, simply patch as if writing to RAM (and ignore cache issues) (detail / bitbucket)
  8. Patch manager: use const char * for patch_hook_function's description (detail / bitbucket)
  9. dm-spy: allow more time before saving the startup log (detail / bitbucket)
  10. Fix compiling without CONFIG_MODULES (detail / bitbucket)
  11. Merged unified into patchmgr (detail / bitbucket)
  12. Merged unified into patchmgr (detail / bitbucket)
  13. Backout 722c851 (fix FIR not included in the zip) (detail / bitbucket)
  14. Merged in raw_fixes (pull request #820)

    Raw fixes part 4

    Approved-by: Alex <> (detail / bitbucket)
  15. Silent pictures: minor error handling fix (detail / bitbucket)
  16. Silent pics: only show the slit-scan mode option when you actually select slit-scan (detail / bitbucket)
  17. Silent pictures: fix allocating memory for a single picture
    (frame size not known in advance and might be larger than max shoot block size) (detail / bitbucket)
  18. Silent pictures: fix overflow when allocating memory for burst mode (detail / bitbucket)
  19. Merged in task_name (pull request #796)

    New method for getting current task names (refactor)

    Approved-by: Alex <> (detail / bitbucket)
  20. Close branch task_name (detail / bitbucket)
  21. Raw backend: fix black border on raw previews (completes 23d1f0e) (detail / bitbucket)
  22. Merged cleanup into unified (detail / bitbucket)
  23. Removed april fools prank (detail / bitbucket)
  24. debug.c: removed unused code (detail / bitbucket)
  25. Zip comment: removed old links (detail / bitbucket)
  26. fio-ml: fix possible buffer overflow with PROP_CARD_SELECT
    (might happen on unusual settings or new models) (detail / bitbucket)
  27. Makefile: summarize CONFIG options and GCC version from Makefile.user (if any) in the build log; minor fixes (detail / bitbucket)
  28. Makefile: don't try to build the FIR on make install/zip (detail / bitbucket)
  29. Modules: removed some unused definitions (detail / bitbucket)
  30. Debug -> Unmount SD: minor UI tweak (turn on the LED after unmounting) (detail / bitbucket)
  31. Merged in lens_info_fix (pull request #775)

    Lens info fix

    Approved-by: Daniel Fort <>
    Approved-by: Licaon Kter <>
    Approved-by: DeafEyeJedi <>
    Approved-by: Lars Steenhoff <>
    Approved-by: g3gg0 <>
    Approved-by: Alex <> (detail / bitbucket)
  32. Close branch lens_info_fix (detail / bitbucket)
  33. Lens info: serial number (to be tested) (detail / bitbucket)
  34. Lens info: minor menu updates (mostly help text) (detail / bitbucket)
  35. Lens info: minor menu layout changes (detail / bitbucket)
  36. Lens info: moved to Debug menu (to keep the Prefs menu for... preferences) (detail / bitbucket)
  37. srm_malloc_suite: extra wait after locking the GUI
    (to be checked on cameras that don't pass the SRM memory test from (detail / bitbucket)
  38. srm_malloc_suite: minor fix
    (no effects with current usage) (detail / bitbucket)
  39. Raw backend: fix black borders on raw previews (detail / bitbucket)
  40. Merge with unified (detail / bitbucket)
  41. check for property length and decide if this feature is available (detail / bitbucket)
  42. fixed lens ID reading, added version etc. to be tested (detail / bitbucket)
  43. Patch manager: fix lockup on VxWorks models, thanks Ant123 (detail / bitbucket)

Started by user Alex

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