1. io_crypt: allow smaller block sizes
  2. ime_base/ime_rot: added hex charsets
  3. io_crypt: experimental modes
Changeset 10717:79c51efc9361 by g3gg0:
io_crypt: allow smaller block sizes
The file was modifiedmodules/io_crypt/io_crypt.c (diff)
Changeset 10716:dac0a6cccc19 by g3gg0:
ime_base/ime_rot: added hex charsets
The file was modifiedmodules/ime_base/ime_base.h (diff)
The file was modifiedmodules/ime_rot/ime_rot.c (diff)
Changeset 10715:b83c5481a5ef by g3gg0:
io_crypt: experimental modes
The file was modifiedmodules/io_crypt/crypt_lfsr64.c (diff)