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  1. Merged in play_mode (pull request #711)

    Small refactor: get_out_of_play_mode renamed to exit_play_qr_mode; also added enter_play_mode (detail / bitbucket)
  2. Close branch play_mode (detail / bitbucket)
  3. selftest, stubs test: go to PLAY mode when finished (detail / bitbucket)
  4. selftest, stubs test: wait one second before checking display status (detail / bitbucket)
  5. Auto exposure on zoom: fix autofocus
    (was unreliable, sometimes refusing to focus; tested on 5D3 + 24/2.8 STM) (detail / bitbucket)
  6. Removed obsolete crash.c (already covered in the selftest module) (detail / bitbucket)
  7. Ghost image: auto update should be off by default (detail / bitbucket)
  8. Auto bracketing: refactored with new routines (detail / bitbucket)
  9. Ghost image: refactored with new routines (detail / bitbucket)
  10., stubs test: if started with main display off, switch to PLAY mode (detail / bitbucket)
  11. run cache benchmarks PLAY mode only (they interfere with LiveView) (detail / bitbucket)
  12. run card/memory benchmark in either LV or PLAY modes (not photo) (detail / bitbucket)
  13. bench,selftest: refactored to use enter_play_mode/exit_play_qr_mode (detail / bitbucket)
  14. mlv_play: refactored to use enter_play_mode/exit_play_qr_mode (detail / bitbucket)
  15. Renamed get_out_of_play_mode to exit_play_qr_mode, reimplmented with SetGUIRequestMode, added enter_play_mode (detail / bitbucket)
  16. updated readme (detail / bitbucket)
  17. fix loading on EOS M (detail / bitbucket)
  18. Peaking benchmark: auto-enable focus peaking temporarily during the test (detail / bitbucket)
  19., card benchmark: fix startup message for dual-slot cameras (which card is being benchmarked) (detail / bitbucket)
  20. redraw: attempt to fix this issue:
    (redraw doesn't work when Canon's front buffer is disabled) (detail / bitbucket)

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