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  1. QEMU: 5D3 1.2.3 GUI works!
    fixme: not covered by tests (detail / hgweb)
  2. QEMU: refactored RTC CS
    each model now uses its own GPIO, rather than enabling all possible registers on all models
    70D call trace test: minor change to 0xC02201F8, no impact on functionality (detail / hgweb)
  3. QEMU: 70D GUI works!
    - GDB patch required (SIO locking up DisplayMgr task, probably touch screen not responding)
    - RTC (similar to 6D, but on different SIO channel)
    - updated tests (menu, format, call trace)
    - minor change to 100D call trace test (0xC022005C = 450D RTC CS; no impact on functionality) (detail / hgweb)
  4. QEMU: 6D GUI works!
    - MPU log and serial flash from Audionut,
    - RTC (a bit hackish, to be refactored)
    - GPIOs for HDMI and WriteProtect
    - tests (menu, format, call trace)
    - patched MPU spells to avoid an intermittent issue (race condition when setting picture quality?) (detail / hgweb)
  5. QEMU: fix typo in MPU spells script (broken in a42e55a)
    "Complete WaitID = 0x80020000" should have been commented out
    this disables LiveView "emulation" in 700D/650D and fixes ML menu for nightly tests
    todo: add a test for this (existing tests did not catch this issue) (detail / hgweb)
  6. QEMU tests: reordered (important, breaks often and/or very fast == runs earlier) (detail / hgweb)
  7. QEMU tests: run in parallel when it's straightforward to do so (experimental)
    not parallelized: tests requiring custom builds or checking card contents afterwards (detail / hgweb)

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