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  1. adtg_gui: allow full range hex toggle for ENGIO registers
    (menu backend no longer crashes!) (detail / bitbucket)
  2. Merged lua_fix into iso_research
    (full-range hex toggle) (detail / bitbucket)
  3. menu: do not use a pickbox for caret-editable fields (detail / bitbucket)
  4. menu: fixed hex toggle for large numbers
    (including crash on "signed" values) (detail / bitbucket)
  5. imath: use uint32_t for powi, log2i, log10i
    (fixes crash in menu on large hex numbers, among others) (detail / bitbucket)
  6. imath.h: LOG2 macro from constants
    (from 1afe59c) (detail / bitbucket)
  7. menu: updated caret editing to allow arbitrary integer ranges
    (both signed and unsigned) (detail / bitbucket)
  8. menu: fixed zero-padding when editing with caret in LiveView
    (minor) (detail / bitbucket)
  9. menu: undo 2298de7 - fixes editing with caret for numbers between 100-199, 1000-1999 and so on
    (note to self: don't drink and code!) (detail / bitbucket)
  10. selftest: menu editing tests with various ranges
    (requires manual testing for now) (detail / bitbucket)
  11. menu: fix editing with caret while recording (detail / bitbucket)
  12. Shutdown: load modules after opening battery door; minor cleanups (detail / bitbucket)
  13. Shutdown: keep the LEDs on until the camera turns off completely

    Sometimes the shutdown process takes 1-2 seconds; without LED feedback,
    user may be tempted to remove the card before the camera is actually off.

    Adapted from PR #825, commit a20a61d. (detail / bitbucket)
  14. api_test.lua: test for all items from the Overlay menu
    (to make sure they can be safely turned on or off with menu.set)

    TODO: also check their submenu options (detail / bitbucket)
  15. Waveform: fix crash when enabled outside ML menu
    (e.g. from Lua,

    Issue: initialization on first use + race condition. (detail / bitbucket)
  16. api_test.lua: on EOS M, the INFO button may get us out of LiveView
    (fixes API test about ML overlay status) (detail / bitbucket)
  17. EOS M: fixed display_idle() outside LiveView (detail / bitbucket)
  18. Zoom on HalfShutter: allow triggering when AF is enabled
    (only works when AF is not actually triggered by half-shutter, *, AF-ON etc) (detail / bitbucket)
  19. Zoom tweaks: updated for recent models
    - option to disable the "x1" zoom (i.e. to go directly into x5/x10)
    - compatibility with touch-screen models (still rough)
    - api_test.lua updated (need to disable these tweaks in order to pass the zoom test) (detail / bitbucket)
  20. api_test.lua: skip checking for "Play mode actions"
    (feature not present on EOS M; requires serious cleanup) (detail / bitbucket)
  21. EOS M: enabled rack focus and focus stacking
    (they appear to work, at least with regular EF lenses) (detail / bitbucket)
  22. editor.lua: disabled debugging features
    (FIXME: they don't seem to work) (detail / bitbucket)
  23. EOS M, 100D: fix Q/SET short press outside ML menu
    (ETTR trigger and many others) (detail / bitbucket)
  24. editor.lua: use the MENU key as primary method for triggering the menu
    (Q is still used, but it's not working on all models) (detail / bitbucket)
  25. EOS M: align long-press symbols for delete and Q/SET
    (minor) (detail / bitbucket)
  26. EOS M, 100D: fix long-press symbol remaining visible after Q/SET (detail / bitbucket)
  27. Arrow key shortcuts: minor cleanups
    - removed bogus ARROW_MODE_TOGGLE_KEY definition on EOS M
    - removed unused definitions on 650D and 1100D
    - require ARROW_MODE_TOGGLE_KEY if and only if FEATURE_ARROW_SHORTCUTS is defined (detail / bitbucket)
  28. EOS M: fix PlayMain_handler stub
    7000D, 650D, 100D: comments for PlayMain_handler / PlayMovieGuideApp_handler (detail / bitbucket)
  29. Color scheme: fix conflict with fast zebras (detail / bitbucket)
  30. Menu: fix typo regarding FEATURE_JUNKIE_MENU
    (7469c34) (detail / bitbucket)
  31. exit_play_qr_menu_mode: wait until mode switch is finished
    (fixes GUI mode switching test in api_test.lua on EOS M, maybe others) (detail / bitbucket)
  32. EOS M: fix GUIMODE_ML_MENU to allow operation outside LiveView
    (required for passing the Lua menu API tests outside LV) (detail / bitbucket)

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