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  1. cr2hdr exposure matching: when all else fails, brute force prevails (replaced highlight median with brute force search) (detail / bitbucket)
  2. cr2hdr exposure matching: minor tweaks (detail / bitbucket)
  3. cr2hdr: fine-tuned graph for --iso-curve (detail / bitbucket)
  4. Undo 9defeea (regressions, biased estimations) (detail / bitbucket)
  5. cr2hdr: fixed another border condition (detail / bitbucket)
  6. cr2hdr: fixed issue 2091 (border condition) (detail / bitbucket)
  7. cr2hdr: fixed some overflows, (minor regression introduced) (detail / bitbucket)
  8. cr2hdr: fix typo (detail / bitbucket)
  9. cr2hdr: fix wrong bright/dark identification in extremely overexposed images (detail / bitbucket)
  10. cr2hdr: simplified algorithm for exposure matching (50 and 90th percentiles, after discarding very bright and very dark pixels) (detail / bitbucket)
  11. cr2hdr: with --iso-curve, plot a direct comparison between the two histograms (detail / bitbucket)
  12. cr2hdr: use log plot for --iso-curve (detail / bitbucket)
  13. Fix output (-o) filename value passed to Adobe DNG Converter when creating compressed DNG files with cr2hdr. (detail / bitbucket)
  14. Revert unwanted merge (500b291) (detail / bitbucket)
  15. Dual ISO auto expo: fix sign for EC < 0 (detail / bitbucket)
  16. Dual ISO auto expo: added two more presets, with ideas from Marsu and Audionut (detail / bitbucket)
  17. Dual ISO auto expo: fix bug about going back to preferred ISO (detail / bitbucket)
  18. Dual ISO auto expo: go back to preferred ISO when there are no constraints (removes hysteresis) (detail / bitbucket)
  19. Dual ISO: added debug info for auto exposure and fixed conflict with expo lock (detail / bitbucket)
  20. Dual ISO: experimental auto exposure algorithm for recovery ISO (detail / bitbucket)
  21. Dual ISO: renamed isoless_* to dual_iso_* (detail / bitbucket)
  22. Dual ISO: reduced the relative ISO choices to the useful ones; small refactor (detail / bitbucket)
  23. Dual ISO: fix operation with Auto ISO and relative recovery ISO (detail / bitbucket)
  24. Dual ISO: back to old-style menu; some UI tweaks and minor fine-tunings (detail / bitbucket)
  25. dual_iso: rename main var to std name (you too, alex :-)) (detail / bitbucket)
  26. dual_iso: move static up (we should try c#) (detail / bitbucket)
  27. dual_iso: make dr gained a setting for auto-disabling (detail / bitbucket)
  28. Dual ISO: with relative recovery ISO, respect the max auto ISO from Canon menu (detail / bitbucket)
  29. dual_iso: add explicit toggle function (detail / bitbucket)
  30. dual_iso: tell enabled from active (detail / bitbucket)
  31. Experimental library for managing memory patches (detail / bitbucket)
  32. Correct EOSM regs on dual iso... (detail / bitbucket)
  33. Small graphical fix dual_iso README.rst (detail / bitbucket)

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