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  1. GDB scripts: log calls to named functions
    (useful for initial porting experiments; stubs for 5D3, 5D4, 80D, 200D) (detail / hgweb)
  2. GDB scripts: misc cosmetic tweaks (detail / hgweb)
  3. GDB scripts: silence all tbreak messages
    (with helpers to silence any other messages) (detail / hgweb)
  4. GDB scripts: export state object definitions as Python code
    (useful to create state machine diagrams and other automated analysis) (detail / hgweb)
  5. GDB scripts: documented every single user command in debug-logging.gdb

    From GDB prompt, run "help user-defined" to see these commands.
    Also included a test to make sure no other undocumented commands will be added in future. (detail / hgweb)
  6. GDB scripts: xxd wrapper (detail / hgweb)
  7. GDB scripts: ADTG/CMOS/ENGIO logging helpers
    (stubs for 60D and EOSM2) (detail / hgweb)
  8. GDB scripts: moved whitespace placeholder to a function; fixed alignment on multi-core models (detail / hgweb)
  9. GDB scripts: updated register_func to handle model-specific quirks
    - D4 and newer: some functions are registered indirectly, using a wrapper
    - VxWorks models, except 400D: register_func takes only 2 arguments
    - fixed stub address on 77D and 5D3 113
    - this change fixes auto-generated names (rather than naming the wrapper, it now identifies the right function) (detail / hgweb)
  10. QEMU: CF bit in ClockEnable register (detail / hgweb)
  11. backtrace: redirect debug messages to QEMU console, rather than discarding them (detail / hgweb)

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