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  1. QEMU: initial support for 7D (slave core only, IPC disabled) (detail / hgweb)
  2. QEMU test suite: minor speed-up when waiting for specific text in the log file (detail / hgweb)
  3. QEMU: moved HPTimer test from qemu-util to a minimal test binary;
    added a test for current task name and current interrupt ID;
    should work on all models that can load autoexec.bin and start a few tasks (no need for GUI) (detail / hgweb)
  4. QEMU: aggressive LED redraw (detail / hgweb)
  5. QEMU: better handle double-buffered displays (minor) (detail / hgweb)
  6. 7D: fix minimal target
    (also removed some custom installer settings) (detail / hgweb)
  7. 6D: fix minimal target (detail / hgweb)
  8. Merged task_name into qemu (detail / hgweb)
  9. 50D, 6D, 7D, 650D: current_task and current_interrupt stubs (tested in QEMU) (detail / hgweb)
  10. qemu-util: moved register definitions to header (detail / hgweb)
  11. 5D3 1.2.3: current_task and current_interrupt stubs (detail / hgweb)
  12. Merged unified into task_name (detail / hgweb)
  13. mlv_lite: fix invalid header under certain conditions involving very fast button presses
    example: select a resolution higher than maximum, zoom in, return from zoom and press record very quickly (detail / hgweb)
  14. 500D: current_task and current_interrupt stubs (detail / hgweb)
  15. Tasks: undo changes to get_task_name_from_id (no longer needed) (detail / hgweb)
  16. Moved CURRENT_INTERRUPT_ADDR to stubs; added some more models (copied from QEMU) (detail / hgweb)
  17. dm-spy-experiments: current_task stub for EOSM (detail / hgweb)
  18. 5D2, 5D3, 550D, 600D, 700D: current_task stub (detail / hgweb)
  19. tasks.c, stubs: removed unused GetTaskName and get_current_task
    sed -i.bak '/GetTaskName/d' */stubs.S
    sed -i.bak '/get_current_task/d' */stubs.S (detail / hgweb)
  20. tasks.c, stubs: removed unused get_obj_attr
    sed -i.bak '/get_obj_attr/d' */stubs.S (detail / hgweb)
  21. Refactored get_task_name_from_id(get_current_task()) with get_current_task_name() (to be made generic) (detail / hgweb)
  22. Ported get_current_task_name from dm-spy-experiments branch
    (much faster, new stub required) (detail / hgweb)

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Revision: d37de6cf81136865c4a82759436c9aced58da767