Post-processing tools required for various ML features.

For more tools, including GUI front-ends and third party contributions, please see our Post-processing forum.


MLV command-line tool:
Latest Build (2017-04-26 19:00)


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Dual ISO postprocessing tool.
Latest Build (2017-12-04 00:01)


06fae84: cr2hdr: experiment - yet another exposure matching algorithm\u000aflicker-free on these samples: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=7139.msg193913#msg193913\u000ato be tested

47cb894: cr2hdr: option to process non-dualiso files (--force)

92c849a: cr2hdr: fix edge-map (debug)

72fa246: cr2hdr: fine-tuned black level autodetection

b14a33c: cr2hdr: small fixes for black level autodetection

4f0e4b3: cr2hdr: experiment - autodetect black level by analyzing the dark areas of the image

e72eb09: cr2hdr: fix units when printing black adjustment after ISO matching

ba08528: cr2hdr: skip invalid dynamic range estimations for files without OB areas

604ee36: cr2hdr: read black level from EXIF if the image doesn't have OB areas

f9b2773: cr2hdr: fix black delta correction (no more guesswork)

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Conversion tool for legacy RAW video format. Can convert to MLV as well.
Latest Build (2017-01-05 13:52)


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