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Post-processing tools required for various ML features.

For more tools, including GUI front-ends and third party contributions, please see our Post-processing forum.


MLV command-line tool:
Latest Build (2017-02-12 00:55)


4f8ae16: mlv_dump: changed unique_camname initial value from NULL to (unknown). Got rid of the unnecessary check. There should be only one IDNT block in a valid MLV

4d14e6b: mlv_dump.c, camera_id.h: some suggested polishing

bfae71c: mlv_dump: typo correction

35b9bde: mlv_dump: use NULL instead of Unknown Model string

0e09783: mlv_dump: write unique camera name tag to dng files

453983d: mlv_dump: added camera_id.h to the mlv_rec dir

0be9fb7: mlv_dump -f helptext

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Dual ISO postprocessing tool.
Latest Build (2015-11-24 10:02)

ab1e90c: cr2hdr: moved safeguard from median_int_wirth to kth_smallest_int

fd4f1b3: cr2hdr: safeguard to prevent crashes similar to issue #2408 (median_int_wirth)

f1fd8ca: cr2hdr: fix issue #2408 (crash)

7cfe3eb: cr2hdr: fix false stripe fix warnings (only scan active area)

3a75537: cr2hdr: use fgets instead of fscanf in get_camera_model

a5de7ee: cr2hdr: fix handling unknown cameras

8b9190b: cr2hdr: identify camera model from string (should fix issue #2403 - camera identification from MLV files)

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Conversion tool for legacy RAW video format. Can convert to MLV as well.
Latest Build (2017-01-05 13:52)


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